Monday, 7 February 2011

LOOL crazy hubby playing black ops and cussing in spanish

This is what my hubby gets up to when he's playing black ops...him and his jamaican friend cuss each other in spanish (QUE?!)...then cuss the spanish people they don't even know! Whenever el husbando is playing black ops there's always some crazy cross-world bickering lol

I'm not gonna translate, it's a bit rude but they went all out, I was screeching with laughter xD It's all good though, they're just messing about..after they were done with spanish they started in french haha

p.s. the guy that hubby is having a cuss match with isn't his friend, it's a stranger lol


Anonymous said...

They are bad! lol...
Carmen, I alwas wondered.. what are you?? (ethnicity, race?)
I hope thats not too rude to ask :/

They speak great spanich btw!! Impressive!

Cerina said...

Lol! Black ops has been known to make people go crazy. Jk :)

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

I cant even talk to my boyfriend when he playing it. its sooo real to them. lol

Rohima said...

SKILLS! lol cussing in spanish! cussing in french is even funnier. if you cuss with the accent surely it couldnt sound like cussing. if someone was cussing me in french I'd think they were chatting me up. lol

Kier Sharp said...

All I could understand was Puta haha!! Your Hubby has a reeeeeeaaallly good spanish accent! :D