Monday, 7 February 2011

Inspired by : Rihanna

I loved this look (what you can see of it anyhoo) but seeing as it's not too clear what's on her lids, I'm assuming it's something peachy so that's what I went for. I also did the purple on my lower lash line brighter and sparkly (MUA glitter eyeliner...*love*). I might do this again though, I don't like my eyeliner so thick as it doesn't suit me imo. Hope you like :]

P.s. Gimme some look ideas, it's more fun challenging when I don't pick myself lol


Arezu said...

This is stunning! I loveeeee that purple on the lower lashline, it just gives some pop to the look (:

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

I love this look! amazing eyeliner line! just perfect!

♥ Stacey ♥ said...

Another amazing look hun, I love that purple, what is it? xx

CarmenSays said...


thanks babe! glad my brow story brought you some humour lol xx

@hershley's sweet kiss

aww thanks so much hun! xx


hey you! thanks babe, the purple was a mix of the purple from the sleek circus palette, the purple in the sleek original palette and MUA's glitter eyeliner...purple lol xx

indianmakeupways said...

wow! the glittery purple on the lower lashline rocks! great look as usual :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Oh wow, this is gorgeous. I hope you will enter my makeup contest.

esteeem said...

init!!! erm for your next look i say you should try summin nicki minaj maybe??

btw looooooving this look, might attempt it myself at somepoint.. maybe lol


Lydia said...

this is really stunning and the eyeliner suits you perfectly, trust me!

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I need to stop being lazy and learn how to do the cat eye on the entire eye. Loving this look the purple glitter liner is fab!