Monday, 7 February 2011

First video of many to come :]


hey gorgeous cowfaces! That's an oxymoron right? Don't take offence lol This is the first time you'll hear my voice :S I was sooo nervous and shy making this lol It felt like I was meeting all of you at the same time for the first time...I ramble a bit and I don't sound very comfortable but in time you'll see (hear?) my nuttiness come through. I'm going to be doing video tutorials soon so this was kind of like an intro/ice breaker video, if you have any requests it would be much appreciated as i'd have something to start of with lol I'm defo gonna do a liquid eyeliner tutorial

wowee...vids take ages to upload on here!


Jacenda LeeAnn said...

*lol* I love your personality! :D Looking forward to your videos! I am about to take that jump also... AH! XX

Rohima said...

AAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rohima said...

No way! Oh my GOD!!!

Rohima said...

I'm so sorry for spamming your comments. Anyway I HAD A FIT when i saw the title then another when you started talking. I DID NOT expect you to sound like that but hey you sound like a Carmen lol I'm very much looking forward to the next video.

AAH. Carmen you sound like you like laughing lol Oh my GOD ok, i sound mad, ok I'll go now. All you need to know is i loved your intro! lol XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

CarmenSays said...

@ jacenda leeann

*blush* thanks! ooooh can't wait to see yours! lol xx


HAHAHAAA! omg what did you expect me to sound like?! is it baaad that I sound like this?! How did you expect me to sound?! and yessss, I loove laughing, best medicine in ze vurld! sooo glad you liked this, wallah before I posted I was thinking hhmmm...I wonder what rohima, nadz, ashi and sabina are gonna say about my voice lol what if I sound weird?!! lol gaah xxxxx

Rohima said...

NOOOO you DONT sound weird! Lol you sound like nothing fazes you and you're all laid back and cool. OK im sounding like a geek using those words but I dont know how to explain it lol I'm the complete opposite. I sound like a squeaky rat! OH im so excited! Sad yeah, but you have a fan be grateful lol xxx

sharifaa. said...

yayyy I love your voice you sound so much like Jessie J!

Ashi said...

no lie, but this sounds sooo like you! ok i know its you, but it fits, it just fits! =O

look forward to the vids =D

sabina said...

awww babes its sooooo nice to hear your voice.i kinda feel like i know u a lil bit more!! lol .I knew u were a bubbly and happy person! lol


.hopeful. said...

You're so cute and I love your accent! I don't put my face online either! I always blur it out. It's scary knowing a million people online can look at it!

esteeem said...

loooooooooollllll u sound soooooooo ghetto!! u sound like my mate.. n she's black! looooool luv it!

I was thinking of doing vids but i jus can't b askd!!

lool ur rambling's making me laugh! ahaha


♥ Stacey ♥ said...

Loved this intro! I love your personality coming through, look forward to the vids hun, good luck with the camera xx