Tuesday, 15 February 2011

£1!! You need this in your life!

So today's been pretty shiteous, i'll explain later. I just wanted to tell you about this wonder product, MUA glitter eyeliner. Nuff said. Well no, no really...I have to elaborate. This stuff is the nuts! I was walking past the MUA section a couple of weeks ago and the purple caught my eye, I'm a magpie when it comes to shiny purple eye products lol

So cheap but such good value for money, here it is in action:

This is two layers of it plus the odd touch up to fill in any gaps. Even the with the first layer the coverage/glitter pigmentation (?) was super impressive. Imagine what it would look like with 3 or 4 layers?!

The brush, it's not so much a brush just a flexible rubber pointed tip full of little grooves. I'd upload a pic but my camera isn't good at capturing small details. I've never bought glitter liquid eyeliner before...I grew out of glitter a long time ago, but this stuff is top notch and i'm gasping for more!

I really really recommend it, it's perfect for a bit of pop and at £1 a tube you cant really be stingy, can you? :]


rakhshanda said...

lovely glittery eye makeup..simple but beautiful. i always love your eye makeup.

CarmenSays said...

Thank you rakhshanda :] you always leave me the sweetest comments! I'm glad you like my stuff lol xxx

Kenzie said...

Soooooo glittery!! Love it. Can't believe how cheap as well

Make up by Yass said...

Love it!!

*Zoe* said...

Your application is perfect! Looks sooo nice on you.
Zoe x
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Rohima said...

hmph. how do you apply it so perfectly lol is it a pain to take off?

G A B Y said...

Wow, amazing! I wish I could apply liquid eyeliner like you!

You hvae gorgeous eyes... and I love your brows! =D

esteeem said...

oooh sooooo buff! I heart purple and i heart glitter so the two together = <3

anyways, about your camera, hubby says how comes your using imovie? have you got a pc or mac?


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I am in love!!! I really wish they sold that brand here in Canada. That eyeliner is sooo gorgeous! Thanks for tempting me :)

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Oh wow you did an amazing job. Very pretty have to get my hands on it. Love your brows too.

♥ Stacey ♥ said...

Looks really nice hun, MUA is such a cheapo product but i agree the nuts lol xx

persephone said...

oooh very nice! There's is the best glitter liquid eyeliner I've ever seen, the amount of pigment is crazy compared to others

CarmenSays said...


I know, it's crazy! xx


moi aussi (hope I spelled that right lol) xx


thanks babe :] xx

@ RoRo

haha well if I could upload that flippin video you'd know >:[ Believe it or not no, it's so easy to get off and not all all messy! Just a bit off cotton with some lotion or one of those wanky face wipe things and you're sorted :] mwahz dahhling lol xxx


*blush* thanks luvvie! Im really hoping to upload a liquid eyeliner tutorial some time soon xx


U iz da buff wun bredrin!! haha *cringe* yeh I've got a mac, It's so much easier getting the videos onto a PC, I've done that in the past but hubby's pc charger broke and he hasn't got a new one yet. They break all the time, tatty things :/ xxx

@ alicia

Maybe your london friend that you're swapping with could send you a couple? you'll LOVE them :] xxx

@hell notes for beauty

thanks babe, you always leave lovely comments! what happened to your blog btw? do you still post? I could have sworn I was following you yonks ago but now I don't get any updates :[ xxx


wha gwaaaan ickle stacaaay!! LOL ahh you cracked me up when you wrote that xD but yeh, the nuts, i lie?? haha xx

@ persephone

oooo I know they're amazing. Can't wait to get more lol xx

♥ Stacey ♥ said...

You no lie sweet ting! lol xx