Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sweet sticky spicy chickkkeennn!

Om nom! Just made these, I looove sticky chieken wings, bawk bawwwk haha


Rohima said...

They look good! Did you follow a recipe? I'd like to try it! x

CarmenSays said...

@ RoRo

ALOHA GORJUSS GAL :P nope, no recipe...just fiddled around in ze kitchen and POOF sticky spicy chicken wings were born lol

I marinated the wings with paprika, cumin, coarse black pepper, salt, a teeny bit of ras el hanout, teeny bit of cinnamon, lashings of maggie liquid seasoning (normal and spicy), olive oil and chopped garlic. They taste better when they're marinated overnight but if you're in a rush you can do it before you make em. Won't taste as good though.

Then you fry em, make sure they're nice and brown. Remove them from the pan and pick off the burn garlic bits and also get rid of the oil you fried in (if you don't use garlic you don't need to do this, I just do because I DETEST that nutty burnt garlic smell/taste)

Add a teeny bit of oil to the clean pan, about a tablespoon and put your chicken back in. Mix in a mug a teaspoon of harrissa paste and a maggi stock cube (the little squares), fill it up about a 3rd of the way with boiling water, mix and add to the frying wings (high heat, keep an eye on em)

After about 5 mins, in the same mug add a level tablespoon of white sugar and 1-2 tablespoons honey (depends on how sweet you want them) and top up a 3rd of the way with boiling water. add that to the chicken, let it bubble for a few mins, mix the wings about to coat them well then drizzle on some ketchup and some barbecue sauce (last one is optional) not too much though, coat the wings evenly then leave them to cook in the sauce until it gets thick (keep an eye on the, stay in the kitchen!) once the sauce has reduced and it's nice and thick and sticky..your wings are done! TADAAA!

I hope I made sense and I hope if you make em they ain't a disaster...I don't measure when I cook..as my nan says "einik houma mizanek" which means your eyes are your measuring scales.

If only food never wasted, I'd send you some in the post lol muuuaahhhzz xxxxxx