Friday, 7 January 2011

I can do it like a it like a DUDE!

Jessie J, she's been around for a bit now but despite how jealous I am of her ridonkulous talent ( I KNOW i'm not the only jealous one, admit it putas. have you heard her live? *sings* Goooosebumps!) I cannot stop listening to do it like a dude :/

The last 4 days i've abused the shit out of the replay button on youtube. My normal reaction to white girls claiming they can do it like da "mandem" would most likely be to roll my eyes and cringe ever so slightly but's different with jessie. First time I heard do it like a dude and the mandem bit came on, I couldn't see her face or anything and I just assumed she was some kinda black lol nearly fell off the sofa when I watched the video and saw this white chick that looked like marilyn manson and mystic meg's love child. *sigh* girl crush lool

enjoy U.S.Alings :] she's comin for you lot next!

Ooooh don't forget to youtube her to watch her live. You'll be surprised at how flawless her perfomances are. IMO she sounds better live then she does recorded. Blows that little twerp beyonce right out of the water. Technology iz ze best song in ze vurld :]

Oooo eastenders is about to start, toodles!


Anonymous said...

I love this girl! good taste ;)

jaιιι...♥ said...

i love that she's from essex aswell! she'd gonna be big!

sharifaa. said...

I love herrr! Do It Like a Dude don't do her vocals justice though I think

Watch her Mama Knows Best video if you haven't already she's amazingggg!