Saturday, 8 January 2011

Stylish blogger award!

The super sweet Malisha gave this blog award! Thanks babe :D I suck because I was given two or three others last year and kept forgetting to post them, now I can't remember what they were or who gave me them :/ such a nitwit.

Okely dokely, ze rules are to list 7 things about yourself and pass it on to 7 other bloggers...

1. I get a lump in my throat when I see people being bullied, beaten or hurt in general especially when there are people around but refuse to help. When I see that defenceless look in someones face like they feel defeated, it really pulls at my heart strings.

2. I ADORE green leafy veg. Sprouts, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, spring greens, kale, pak choi..gimme it all!

3. I positively loath metallic or overly shimmery lipstick/gloss. It's so 1980's and it doesn't suit me at all. The very few that I like enough to buy have to be 'diluted' with lipgloss or vaseline.

4. As much as i'd like to, I can't wear normal clothes indoors. It has to be a tee and trackies or pj bottoms. I have so many pj bottoms and I wear em to the point of wear and tear haha i've got 3 pairs with holes in the crotch that need to be sewn or dashed lol

5. I've diagnosed myself as 50% OCD. If i'm in a proper cleaning mood I go over things again and again to the point where I frustrate myself and look like a crazy woman but the house is literally spotless. When i'm feeling fat crappy and tired, fook the cleaning. I shove it wherever I can and as long as I can't see it I'm good....I lie, It always in the back of my mind..I just try ignore it.

6. I have a ridiculously short fuse and a vile temper when provoked. There have been countless times when it's taken every fibre of my being not to wallop people for shoving past me in the streets, not to mention rude and pushy sales people. I still owe that supervisor in primark a slap for not doubling my bags. I told him that if my shopping ended up on the floor before I got home he would be responsible, what happened? The bags split just as I was getting off the bus...pyjamas and socks all over the place. bastard.

7. I spontaneously burst into in accents ALL THE TIME lol mancunian, liverpudlian, welsh (I do a sick welsh accent haha), scottish, russian, latin-american, north african, french etc still haven't mastered the geordie accent just yet lol

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sorry, I couldn't be arsed to to the whole html thing right now. Just copy and paste lol i'll fix it later, huggles dudettes xxxx


esteeem said...

Loool u joker!! I'm sick at accents too, I'm especially bad of I hear a strong one, it's automatic to copy :S
Thanks for the award luvvie, mwah!

Katie said...

Thanks for following and for your comment. I looked at your pictures, you are talented. Really nice eyebrows, I am really into eyebrows. Awesome. Thanks!!

La Cabrona said...

lmao hola mi favorite amiga super random! Thanks for the award... i actually gave this to u 50 years ago (b4 xmas?)when i got it from some other senorita :) bt thanks anyways jajajaaj

S and O said...

I can never get the Russian accent right!

candy apples said...

Thanks sooo much for this award♥
Btw I didn't know you had another blog :D


Ashi said...

aww thank you for the award! i will insha'Allah try blog it soon =) x

Ivonne said...

Thank you so much for the AWARD!! :)

Malisha said...

Omg! We're so alike it's freaky!

Im totally numbers 1-5!!
I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who doesn't wear 'normal' clothes when at home.. I love lounging round in pj bottoms and tees with furry boots or cosy socks :)

Malisha x