Friday, 7 January 2011

EOTD gone wrong :/

My eyes itch like feck right now. This is as far as I got with my makeup today...My eyes got red/itchy/watery and I poked myself with my mascara wand. Exact same thing happened yesterday! My eyes turn to a lighter green when I cry or absent mindedly poke em with something.

And this is what I got up to yesterday whilst bored...

Am I the only person who finds it fascinating to see the difference between a made up eye (in this case not so made up) and a nekkid one? lol

Sometimes it's jut better to be lazy and stick to strong brows and mascara...never fails me :] Could do without bloodshot though, seriously.


Lily Blue said...

oh you look like you've been crying !!! you should maybe avoid make up for a few days so your eyes will heal faster :)

the make up you made was cute though !!!!!!!!


DesignerSpray said...

Owww, your eyes look bloodshot. Have you tried giving your eyes a rest from make up? I know it's hard but it may just help?

Still loving the ey make up by the way, regardless of the red eye :P xx

Malisha said...

I understand your pain.. I've poked myself in the eye with my mascara a number times and it's annoying!
BUT you still look gawjus even with watery eyes :)

I have to say I love your brows! I can't get mine as full as yours even though I've tried to grow em out so many times.

BTW You have an award waiting on my blog.. so take a looksy when you can :)

Malisha x

Ivonne said...

Regardless of the red eyes, they still are beautiful! lol, oh and I love your eyebrows!!

....Lucinda.... said...

Och sissy, your eyes look soo red, give 'em a rest for a bit like DesignerSpray said xD lol Love Yoohh!!! xxx

Cerina said...

Awww that has happened to me before :( put some eyedrops up in thur! lol.

No, I have not gotten your package yet, but that's all right, I'm sure it'll be here soon. ;)

Sophia said...

N'aww, your eyes look really red! Maybe they're infected???
And I absolutley love your eye colour!!!
S xxx