Sunday, 31 October 2010

I suck :S SORRY!

I've been in hibernation past since my last post, sorry chicas. My sister in law flew over with her husband and my cheeky little nephew to stay for a few days and it's been hectic since she got here lol

We're not a family that does things by halves so since she got here we've been trying to cram in as much fun stuff as possible. Today it was the science museum to watch a 3D documentary (NAFF...waste of £8) and then moved on to the natural history museum.

We spent a good eight hours on foot and my heels felt like they were about to burst about 3 hours buggs (boog/bootleg/shit uggs) didn't help the situation much :/

Tomorrow we're meeting up with a family friend to hit oxford street for some window shopping, possibly some nice fleecy PJ bottoms a la primani and superdrugs as i'm desperate for the new sleek palettes. We'll probably go to the london eye/aquarium aswell...I can hear my feet screeching and telling me to leave it out but duty calls lol It's my nephew's first time in london so it has to be worth it. Hubby surprised him with a Wii yesterday and they were all at it until 1 am!

Anyhoo, I should get back to frequent posting sometime next week and get some flippin looks up. Thanks for all the comments girls, i'll get back to you soonish but not tonight...I have a FILTHY headache and I need sleep dag nabbit.



esteeem said...

Lol!! I kno that feeling! Have a good un with the family, n good luck getting the Sleek palette! I was in the Bond St superdrug on Saturday & they only had 1 good girl palette left, hope they get some more!

leah☮ said...

yey! more posts.
do some more makeup tutorials? you should do them step by step too (:
what about a natural one or maybe one for beginners?

Anonymous said...

I'm excited you're back! Lol hey nice to see you've got your priorities straight! Pick shopping over limbs any day :D xx have FUN!

Hannah said...

I have Headache/head exploding too. :S x

esteeem said...

p.s. u have an award luv! xx