Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Grime?? Nah mate..OLD SKOOL GARAGE..AV ITTT!


esteeem said...

bluddy hell ur going farrrr back! yea garage was wayyy better than grime today!

CarmenSays said...


haha! God I can't stand grime, it's just a load of riff raff racket with a big bassline, bleh lol
How r u lovely?! Long time no natter :]

esteeem said...

yea I hear you.. but it works in these times! although roll deep's tracks all sound the same :/
lol i can tryy help (starting some parent nutrition voluntary sessions in Bow next tuesday), but whats "smina"??!

MsDaijahStylez said...

Big!! =] xxxxx

leah☮ said...

awesome blog.
please follow my blog!

i might have a gift when
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Make-up Addict said...

All these tunes take me right back!! Used to have Sia as my ringtone a few months ago! Lol xx