Friday, 24 September 2010

Requested : Back to school eotd

The colours that come to mind when I think of school makeup are a light frosty pink and peach, so I used both for this look requested by Leah. I think if you're going to wear makeup to school it shouldn't be too bright and flashy nor too smokey and smouldering.

Call me old fashioned but imo both are inappropriate for school :/ However it doesn't have to be pink or peach, there's loads of nice neutral colours to accentuate and freshen up the look of your peepers at 8am so I'll try to do a couple more of these school looks sometime this week. Hope you like :]

What I used...

UDPP (all over lid and blend out above crease)
Mac painterly pain pot (keep it on the lid only)
Pink primark eye shadow dust (on lid and just above crease)
MAC mineral blush in utterly game/or any nice peach shade you may have (Apply to crease and blend out a little)
Marks and spencer liquid eyeliner (be subtle...wino liner is NOT for school)
No7 exceptional definition mascara

Btw, if your eye area is dark like mine, don't forget to show your concealer some really ruins the look when your bright and fresh eyed above the lid but your under-eye area looks dark and tired like my last two pics :/ lol


Eva said...

i love the look & i must admit i'm a bit jealous of ur perfect winged liner! thanks for sharing this look



AestheticAnonymous said...

That looks awesome!
And I do agree with you about what's appropriate for school and whats too much.
I have seen too many pretty girls ruin their image by wearing gallons of makeup!
And I like your eyebrows lol :) I overplucked mine :c

esteeem said...

yea i never wore makeup at school!!
probably explains why im so obsessed with it now - make up for lost time lol!
i have to say i agree with eva, love ur perfect winged liner mA =)


Hurricanes12 said...

This is an awesome look, but I could never get the liner right :) I'm way too clumsy! Perfect for school though.

CarmenSays said...


haha! thanks lovely and you're welcome :] xx


thank you :D ugh I know! It's so annoying when you see young teens going to school caked in makeup. I suppose it's different for everyone but when I was growing up i wasn't allowed to wear makeup, I only discovered mascara when i was 15 lol how have you been my lovely? xx


same here! it was only mascara fer moi, i remember i bought some cheapo makeup from a stall on the way home from school once so I could play around with it at home (no way pops would let me out caked in slap) I stashed in the bathroom and surprisingly got away with having it for about two weeks before my dad saw it and flipped out haha

and thank you bebeh! xx


aww, that's why I made the post on how to cheat liner ;] I saw your comment and thought i'd pull my little trick out of my sleeve lol I remember my feeble attempts when I first bought my first liquid liner and looking like a toddler had scribbled on my face..the cotton bud saved the day lol xx

leah☮ said...

thanks soo much carmen!
i loved it.
thanks for answering my request quicker than i expected too lol