Friday, 24 September 2010

So underrated :/

Another music post...two in two days, in a roll. It was pure euphoria when I got reacquainted with miss Teedra Moses. I had her complex simplicity album back in the day, like 5 years ago. I had that on replay for a good month or two lol I just love her voice, the way she sings and the music. It's got something to it that I can't put my chubby little finger on.

Teedra and her complex simplicity album are so underrated it's annoying, no one appreciates good music these days :/ *grumbles*

This one isn't teedra, it's vivian green. Reminds me of hubby, he showed me about this tune back when we first got together lol *gushbeamgush*

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl!!

ON my hair: yeah its blow dryed and curled with a big (fat) curling iron... I have to blow dry it to get the smoothness, because since my hair is naturally wavy, it looks like crap if i dont! lol

on GDE: OMG, yes! They are amazing!I too only buy samples, I havent ran out of any (since I dont use them very offten) but If i do, I would definatly buy the big one...I bought these in the FEB. but I wanna buy more samples soon...!!