Saturday, 25 September 2010

Mixin n matchin

I don't know how to describe the colour of the eyeshadow here....but I can tell you it's a result of a million eyeshadows blended into each other. I quite like it though :] If anyone knows where I can get a colour like the one mainly over the lid please do tell because I can't see myself on my bum blending for half an hour everytime I want this look :/

I really hate the liner, it was a 'freestyle' sort of thing with the whole look so I played about until it was too late to go back, and I was left with this. At first I thought hmm..its not too bad..a bit cleopatra-ish but there was something off about the little flicks at the bottom and I wished I hadn't bothered

Can't wait to get my falsies some time over the next couple of weeks, YAY! My looks will feel more complete :D

But yeh, if you know the name of any colour similar to the main one, PLZ let me know :]


Catanya said...

Don't you hate the liner; it looks so beautiful! I wish I could do looks like you: this is one is simply perfect! Can I ask what camera you use?

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

So gorgeous...I really love it. Have you ever tried Victoria Secrets eyeshadow in 'Private Beach'? Its similar but maybe has a bit of a purple tone to it too.

CarmenSays said...


haha! aww thanks lovely, I don't actually use a camera :S well I's on my phone, nokia N95 8GB. Sometimes the pics can be a little blurry but on the odd occassion they come out so crisp you'd never think they were taken with a phone! xx


Thanks babe :] I haven't, i'm not sure if they sell it over here :/ Must hop on google, thank you! xx

liloo said...

Love this look, is one of my favorite from you :)
Really well blended, the liner is perfect and the way you put the e/s makes it glamourous :)

sabina said...

hi babe, body shop has a similer e/s.but i dont no the number coz iv depotted mine sorry lol.but u would be able find it coz would stand out anyway in the shop.

i really love this look,i will try it out with body shop e/s xxxx

Anonymous said...

looks great! and that liner looks like perfection! Cant believe you dont like it!

Make up by Yass said...

Absolutely GORGEOUSSS!!!!

Jaime said...

I can't believe I know the answer to this! LOL

MAC has these single pots of eyeshadow... Look for the one called CLUB and I think it might be the perfect match! I just ran out of mine!! If you look online the color looks NOTHING like what you actually get - trust me. Check out a MAC store or go to one in Macy's or Nordies.

Jaime said...

OH! Stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party! LOL Also - check out MAC's color aux (pronounced Hoe) it is a nice blend to wear with Club. Man - now I want to go to MAC!

Beauty Addict said...

This eyeshadow is gorgeous. I kinda of has a duo chrome... love it!

Alexandra said...

Wow, your eyes have the same color as Aishwarya Rai's! So beautiful!

I have just discovered your blog and followed! ^.^

Hugs from Romania!

BLIX said...

Very pretty. you have great eyebrow shape too!

BeautyPassion said...

hI i just want to say i really love your make up and your eyes are wonderful!Are you lebanese,because i see some arabic pictures at your blog :)