Thursday, 23 September 2010

Lauryn hill...I rate you

This is why they made her out to be a nutjob...

If you're baffled by what i'm saying, go to 2.56 and it becomes clear...nique le systeme

On a lighter fave lauryn song :]


Make up by Yass said...

lol nique le systeme?
so you speak french?

mrs. halimah. said...

that's real. wow.

CarmenSays said...


only when I feel like it *smugface* haha but no, not really. It's our second language bak home so I know a few words here and there but i'm far from fluent xx


I know...that was my reaction when I heard it. She's basically showin everyone, look..don't follow these people and let them put you in a box. Break free like I am...then they made her look like something from the funny farm :/ 'tis a cruel world. xx