Monday, 13 September 2010

NC20...OR NC25??

I want to order a pro longwear foundation from MAC but I have no idea what shade to get...I'm avoiding NW's altogether because anything that has a pink tinge to it makes me look ridiculous.

My skin is light medium and it isn't the same colour everywhere :/ here's some pics so you get what I mean...

Wrist w/o flash..I can't tell if my veins are green or blue...they kinda go from green to blue..

wrist w/ looks like gren and blue again

This is a "skin swatch' lol it's the colour of the bottom part of my face eg jawline, chin and up to cheeks.

This is a swatch of my pink cheeks...they are the bane of my life. No concealer or foundation will even them out and it affects the outcome of my blushes because they end up looking pinker than they should. Boot's No 7 colour calming makeup base has really helped with that can still see a liiiiittle pink but nowhere near as much as before I slap it on.

This is the skin around my eyes. It's quite dark and olive toned, sometimes even a little yellow tinged :S I reckon it hereditary lol All my family back home are olive skinned but my aunties especially have noticeably darker skin around their eyes. I also have pigmeted lips, like a dark pinkish purple that are typical of my heritage...needless to say finding a nude lipstick that won't show up pink is a nightmare.

So do you see my dilemma now? I'm a rainbow child lol What I want is a foundation that will neutralise my red cheeks and leave me with one colour all over my face.

I'm leaning towards NC20-NC25 but it will be a nightmare and I won't be going to a MAC store anytime soon...Is anyone reading this an NC20/25?


Anonymous said...

Im an NC 20, I like it very much, Im pretty pale and have some discoloration, such as some redness and dark circles... When I use this foundation, i get a very even complection and its a bit yellow so it gives me some color ... idk if this helps..

response to your comment:
Your right, I see people with a bunch of pictures of there children,and Im definatly not one to do that.. and yes, this tag is a bit personal, which I dont mind, but I just didnt really like this particular part of it lol :)

Make up by Yass said...


CarmenSays said...

@ Yuri

yeah, after googling NC15 up to 25, I think i'm gonna go with NC20. 15 looks way too pale and 25 might make me look like i've been tango'ed!

thanks for your advice :D xx

CarmenSays said...

@ yass

I nearly did lol but i'm scared it will be too dark for me :S what shade are you? xx

3ate4 said...

I would go with NC20!

CarmenSays said...

@ 3ate4

my thoughts exactly lol thanks! xx

Dolce♥Bunny said...

I would go with a NC20 but best is get the people who work at MAC to get another opinion maybe? :)