Saturday, 11 September 2010

Teeny weeny MAC and Barry M haulito!

I was out today with my little brother and sister so I picked up a couple of things with some monies that my hubby gifted me with for Eid (big kid haha).

In between my sister and I ransacking topshop and oh-so-nearly lamping down a very lippy woman in the disney store, I promised myself I would go to MAC and get something from the fabulous felines collection. I went, I looked...I wasn't impressed :/
The only thing that made my heart sing was the 'Utterly Game' mineralize blush *drooldrool* I'm in love...I adore peach blushes, not many pinks flatter me and anything darker usually makes me look like I have dirty cheeks *meh*

Totally forgot to swatch :S will do if I can ever remember..

I also picked up a couple of Barry M brushes (blending and e/s which could probably still blend also as it's not too dense) and a nail paint in Strawberry. It's such a gorgeous pink!

Really should have used a white background for

The brushes were an unbelievable bargain, only £1.95 each. I haven't used them yet but let's hope the blending brush is easier to work with than the elf one. Elf's blending brush is so frackin big, I can't get it into my crease the way I'd like to but it works really well for banishing harsh lines so all is not lost :]
What did you do today my lovelies?? Anyone else unamused by the failed fabulous felines collection?


Make up by Yass said...

I love this nail polish this color is so gorgeous!!!!

Arabian eyes said...

oh my days since when have barry m been doin brushes?!?!

Curves ahead makeup said...

wish they had Beery M in the states those brushes where a steal !!! lovely post

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Here here here!! I don't like the feline collection :( It didn't impress me at all.. But I like the blush you selected!