Tuesday, 14 September 2010

My wedding cake

I just found some pictures on an old phone of my wedding cake that I made! They're a little blurry though, but I wanted to show you guys :]

I had a very small wedding, which was what I wanted for myself on a personal level. Yeah I like to ATTEND big arab weddings lol but when it came down my own special day, I wanted it as private and as intimate as possible. I was literally my parents, hubbie's parents, two witnesses, my bro/sis and the imam.

There was enough food for 60 people though lol

Anyway, back on topic...I DESPISE of fruit cakes so there was no chance in hell i was making one of those. The lower tier was marbled cake with chocolate ganache and the top tier was lemon with lemon cream (I knew my dad would like something refreshing as he's not a chocolate fan, vanilla just sounded boring :/ )

I didn't use yellow, this was a practice rose

I just baked it all, assembled it, went over it with buttercream then iced it (no marzipan...bleh!). I made the roses by hand and piled them onto the top tier and finished it off with red organza ribbon.

The pictures aren't of the completely finished cake, I added some more roses. And everyone enjoyed it! mega plus :D

I've always been into cake decorating and did a course for a few weeks but didn't finish. Thankfully, what I did learn payed off for my big (small) day!


Anonymous said...

Wow you made this yourself! Ist gorgeous!!

sabina said...

wow,i feel like cake now.i love the roses.x

CarmenSays said...


thank you :D xx

@ sabina

haha, i was about to make cupcakes but i haven't got any fondant :/ love me some cake xx

Anonymous said...

Wow mashallah, very talented! I've always been interested in decorating, but I don't know if I have the patience lol

Looks great! X

CarmenSays said...


aww thanks babe! I just read your post and left an essay lol xx

Make up by Yass said...

this is so beautiful!!!

Curves ahead makeup said...

your cake is perfection ...

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

amazing qualoty...and its making me hungry for cake.

CarmenSays said...

@ yass

aww thank you! xx

@ curves ahead

thanks hun! xx

@ FunnyfaceBeauty

aww thanks, you reckon? I was so scared my end result would be utter pants lol thankfully it was all gravy xx

Ashi said...

:O u made this, its flippin gorgeous!!!

CarmenSays said...


haha thanks lovely :D xx