Friday, 23 July 2010

Uh Oh...

I just read that a tooth abscess can be fatal :O I have a tooth abscess. Shit.
I've had terrible pain the past hour, but it's been on and off for quite some time now. Too long. The pain has spread to my ear and jaw now. double shit. My husband keeps telling me to book my dentist appointment, but oh no. I had to be a twat and keep putting it off because everywhere is so fucking expensive. £400?!! Now i'm stuck with the consequences of my actions along with an ice pack on my cheek and a cotton ball drenched in olive oil and clove oil wedged between my teeth. The drooling is severe...

I'll be banging down the doors of every dentist in the area in about 5 hours from now.


liloo said...

Sorry bout dat honey :(
Chayfik Allah, ameen.

Ashi said...

ouch! defo see a dentist, ive been putting off booking an appointment too, while my tooth pain isnt as bad as urs right now...i think it'll be heading that way :S

feel better sooon!!!

CarmenSays said...


allahi nawrek khti :] thank you xXx


Oh god luvvie, don't put it off any longer! Insha'allah it wont get any worse for you :] just get to a dentist asap! and thank you :D xxx