Friday, 23 July 2010

Interesting dentist...

So today i've been calling around for root canal treatment that won't end up with me sacrificing a kidney to pay for it, and one particular dentist really baffled me.

the call went roughly as follows *lears throat*

DENTIST : blah blah dental practise, how can I help?
ME : Hi, I was wondering how much you charge for root canal treatment?
DENTIST : I don't know, it depends on the amount of damage caused to the tooth.
ME : Ahh, so I'd have to come in and get it looked at then...can't you give me a rough price? I've been told by other practices it could cost £250-£300-£ roughly, how much would you charge?
DENTIST - I can't say, you will have to come and have it checked out. We need to see the tooth before we can give a price on the treatment. Also, we don't have all the necessary equipment so we might refer you.

*long pause*

ME : Erm....okay. Bye.

Note to all dentists. If you don't have the tools needed to perform root canal surgery/treatment...please make that clear from the get go.
Maybe this won't come as a shock to some, but for me I was what mate?? So you want me to waste my time coming down there, for you to probably give me a full check up, x-rays and all, charge me about 60 quid then either agree to give me root canal treatment with a kitchen knife and a tooth pick because you lack the right tools OR send me off to see someone else...when you could have done the latter right from the beginning by phone and spared me my time and money.



Arabian eyes said...

hahahaha ur posts never fail to amuse me! bastards come to jordan they got wicked dentists n they are cheaeper!

Emy said...

Good luck on finding a good dentist :-)

scouselovesmakeup said...

haha This post was amusing..I like how straight to the point and honest you are! What sort of dentist doesn't have the right equipment to do the job they get paid to do..that's just plain bizarre?!I'm a new follower! :)

Best of luck finding a qualified dentist with the correct equipment!


Embodying Fashion said...

OMG, im in shock. In Latvia for root canal surgery/treatment you would pay roughly £50.
Good luck!