Thursday, 22 July 2010

LOL watching jerry springer

It's shocking.

No word of a lie, the woman talking as I watch looks about 40 and first impression I got before she opened her mouth was primary school teacher, prim and proper, blonde hair, etc...but alas, and she talks like so...*clears throat*

Aww yeaaaah, we gon' see...he ain't gots no jawb, no munneh *neck twitch, eye roll, kisses teeth* yeeaah wuteva mayn, you be trippin fa real. You wuz seen up der sleepin wit hah...but tchu wuz sleepin wit hah doh! Oh you luuhh me?? you still luuuhh mee?!

Ugh...for real? I el.oh.el'd sooo much.


Miss*Kimmy said...

Gotta love Jerry lol.

Sid said...

Lmao Funny!:D

sharifaa. said...

Jerry Jerry Jerrrry!