Thursday, 22 July 2010

Been photoshopping :]

Cor I've missed this! I'm no professional but I do love a dabble :] I'm making a lady but the hair is being a pain in the badunka. I used a picture of a model and traced her features (cheater lol) but tweaked em a little. The eyelashes are these amazing brushes I found. I'll post her when she's finished.


Alby said...

wow thats actually reaaaaaaally good! how did you do this? i've always wanted to do one of these but totally suck at it. any pointers on how to get started?

Ashi said...

wowie, this is brilliant! i used to be sooo into graphic design a few years back and then i gave it up due to having no time...this is really inspiring =)

CarmenSays said...

aww thanks girls :] I really enjoy playing around on PS lol

alby - you should be able to download a 30 day trial from here

and play about with it using online tutorials ;] I'll do a post on how I trace around stuff. I don't know if I do it how the pro's do but it works fer me lol xx

ashi - aaah graphic design, hubby keeps telling to me to start my own business making websites or designing them lol if you're headbands are anything to go by, you should DEFINITELY get back into design! You're so creative hun, you could really do something with it :] xx