Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Product review : Sea Spa Salt Scrub

When I went to House of Frasier a few weeks ago with my mumzie, we were jumped upon by this company to try and buy their products lol good job we were. I'm in love with this salt scrub! It smells divine (I have sandalwood and lavender, mmmmm) but that's not the main reason.

I have dry patches that pop up randomly on my face everyday, and although this is a body scrub, I use it on my face with no problems. You only needed a little as it's quite oily , I use just over half a teaspoon. Also , my skin is sensitive so I can't just use any old scrub. Some scrubs I've used in previous years stung my face like hell, I ended up crouched over the bathroom sink practically dunking my head in and out of cold water to cool off! Thankfully I haven't had any problems with this product.

Once you've finished scrubbing at your problem areas and the remainder of your face, make sure you rinse well because as I said it's quite oily .

It doesn't contain any chemicals and is made from pure Dead sea salt, soy bean oil, natural fragrances, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. That's it! I was shocked when I first saw the ingredients, it's so...I don't know, healthy! Most facial products contain so many chemicals so it was a breath of fresh air to see that this is just pure and simple, and it's works to boot *happy dance* I promise you won't be disappointed :]

You can buy online HERE

It costs £24.95 and imo its worth every penny.

Pros - Natural ingredients
Smells amazing
Nice sized jar (400g)
Doesn't irritate sensitive skin

Cons - Oily (this isn't a problem for me as it helps keep the dry patches moisturised
but maybe others won't like this aspect)

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