Wednesday, 23 June 2010


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I'll have to type gibberish for the first few lines otherwise you'll find out prematurely from the dashboard link.......jhsgkjblshksbkshjgisygkhv.....jishkgsk...........shkgisyksiygiyhk........lshiufiuwgafif.....nfuhiugfei....
OKAAAAY...owen's body gets dug up next week wednesday!! Lucas confesses to denise and when he tries to do a runner, she begs him to stay and that they'll keep it a secret!

That's all I got, I couldn't read on, it was too much for me lol also, the Vic goes up in flames, maybe that's how the random characters will be going out. I'm hoping peggy doesn't die in the fire but instead goes to prison for starting it, that way she'll have an open exit so she can come back at some point.

Ben and lucy will be played by new actors soon and sam is coming back to the square!


sharifaa. said...

Woah woah woah can't wait!
I can't believe Stacey's leaving :( I love her character and I want her and Ryan to get together!
Denise pisses me off so tbh I wouldn't care if she went.
And Ben.. argh don't get me started.

It's sad that all these characters are going. Lauren, Max's daughter is leaving.. she's in my year at school as well which is weirddd.

Wooo eastenders fan! x

CarmenSays said...

salaam sharifa!

gaahh i know! I was practically begging her to tell ryan he was the dad when i watched last nights episode, albert square will never be the same without her :/

ben's shit to be blunt. I hope they get someone who can actually act.

Lauren's leaving? so what happens now when tanya comes back in a couple of months...I wonder if she's getting killed off *ponders*

eastenders till death lol xx