Thursday, 24 June 2010

New eyebrows, need help with concealer :]

I waxed yesterday..and got carried away. The first few hours after I'd finished I thought 'hmm..not so bad, makes my eyes look bigger' I have a chubby face and small eyes so after a while of having thick brows, this seemed to brighten up my face a lot more. Now i'm thinking why did I bother!!?

They look like stripper brows! I think they're a little odd too but it's nothing powder cant fix.

Also, I can't seem to get the right concealer. I've recently tried Sleek's Hide it in 00 but it made my dark circles worse.

I have Laura mercier secret camouflage in SC3 but even with moisturising it looks cakey and does some nasty flakey shit which I loathe, I won't even bother explaining what happened with the cheap 17 concealer.

HELP MEEEE!! Judging my the skin colour around my eyes, what concealer would you recommend??


liloo said...

I you have the brand makeup forever you'll find great concealer ;)

sharifaa. said...

If you go to a department store so like Debenhams, Selfridges or House of Frazer etc.... Ask one of the make up people to help you find the right concealer. I need to do this for foundation! I got noooo clue


Kεℓℓί.Kεℓ§σ said...

I love your eyebrows, most girls would kill! As for concealer, Im not sure because I dont have a good one myself.

Arabian eyes said...

yehh i dont know what your on about u dnt like your eyebrows they turned out really nice! i dont know what they looked like before but the shape is gorgeous! ad WOW your eyecolour is amazing mashallah!

Petra said...

you have lovely eye-brows masha'Allah, you see your right brow, just grab a pair of scissors and trim the top, you've got a couple of stragglies that don't even out with the other brow, I love ur brows though, nicely arched too. you do them yourself??? btw how does waxing eyebrows work? I'd be scared to take the whole thing off, I get mine threaded. :/

As for concealer, I recommend MAC Studio finish concealer or Dior. I use both and they are fantastic!

Good Luck!

Petra said...

sorry, I meant your left*** brow, it's because of the way I'm looking at it. :/

CarmenSays said...


thanks! I had a look on their site and found two london stockists ;] xx


I have a thing about those places...the last time i went for a paint pot, the lady offered to do me up and I had to decline because i don't wear makeup when I go out. I wasn't rude about it but You should have seen her was such an awkward moment, I still can't think what made her look at me the way she did :/ since then I always avoid the makeup department lol which is stupid because I've been wanting to go there and have someone sort out the best concealer foundation duo for me without having the guilt trip where I feel I have to buy everything just because they went through a 30 minute explanation and made me up nice...bleh xx


aww thanks! I think I like them now lol xx

@arabian eyes

haha! ta very much babe, they were a bit thicker before, i'll try find a piccy. Your brows are thin too but they look really good on you cuz you have mahussive gorgeous arabic eyes! xx


Thank you :] ahh yes, the stragglies! lol bloody things, and yes I wax them myself. Tweezing annoys the hell out of me, it makes me sneeze lol

Waxing is pretty easy, i'd say it's better with hix wax but then again you have to be careful you don't layer it on too thick otherwise when you press the fabric strip down, the wax seeps through the hairs you want and gets stuck in the hairs you wanna keep...then you end up browless :/ I've never had mine threades before, how's the pain?

I definitely wanna try the mac concealer, how's the coverage? xx

CarmenSays said...

oh WOW i cannot spell for shit, I meant to say 'HOT' wax..dunno where hix came from :S the other typo was threades..I meant that even grammatically correct?