Saturday, 15 May 2010

Granny square baby blanket WIP

I started on a baby blanket two days ago :] So far i've done an evenings work and finished 1/6th of the project. Shouldn't be too long until it's done and dusted and I can concentrate on the other gazillion wips in the works.

I've been trying to destash and get rid of some yarn to make way for some new additions *hint mister hubby...hint* lol My yarn addiction is getting unhealthy now..The other day hubby needed help looking for something and I was promised new yarn if I could find it before he did lol naturally i jumped up and searched like mad, Unfortunately I didn't find anything...after a night of frantic poking around, he eventually found what he was lookin for down the back of the sofa...somehwere i'd already looked :/ typical...that could have been some new cotton and my first skein of noro >:[ lol

anyway, what's new with you guys? And yep claire...i'll be setting up shop soon!! wooohoooo i'm so flippin excited. I just have to sort a few things out beforehand and get some decent looking pictures of my goods...then it will be official and i'll set up a link, keep you all posted etc..really looking forward to this. It's someting I love to do so I may aswell make a living out of it :] wish me luck luvvies!

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