Friday, 14 May 2010

Bauble hair bands...handmade ;] oo la la

After many years of using boring elastic hairbands to tie back my frizzy mess, I could do it no longer. My hair deserves a gift every once in a while dag nabbit! So I whipped out my trusty 4mm and made some capuccino coloured balls as a gift to my much neglected mane.

Results are actually pretty cute if I may say so myself :] I'm thinking making poop-loads of them and selling them. I think the idea of buying something handmade is lovely. To know that someone took time out of their day to make something from a ball of string, wrap it up and send it to's jolly flipping good lol (yep....that was a shameless plug...but my online haven of goodies isn't up and running yet unfortunately so twas pretty pointless...but more details on that another time ;] )

So, what are all you loverly people doing today? what's that you say? what am I doing? I'm cleaning kitten piss and about to call hotpoint to come a fix my washing doubt i'll be put on hold for an eternity and be forced to listen to cheryl cole or some stupid shit.

Good day all :]


Wooldoor said...

no save the cat piss for the stupid people that drink what's in a bottle

lipgloss_babe91 said...

Aww i want one of these hair bobbles! are you really going to sell sum stuff you make? xXxXx