Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Moar stuffs :]

Went to H&M on monday and found a few gems (IMO). I'm really loving neutrals and dark colours right now (yeh ppl..I got fatter) I also bought some darkwash skinnies from M&S that I haven't snapped yet but I was MORTIFIED to discover I needed them In a size 18!! In the last 2 years i've ballooooned from a 10/12 to a flipping size 18. And this size 18 crap is news to me because the rest of my jeans are 16's. I tried a size 16 yesterday but it was too tight around the thunder thighs and tushie. The waist line was a perfect fit (i'm no beyonce waistline is far from slim...the word tyres springs to mins..and yes...tyres as in plural) but because they were so tight everywhere else it was a no go. So I settled for size 18's. Dear God what have i done to myself o.o; anyway...on with my finds

Really like this. I'm thinkin of wearing it with some either really ligh grey skinnies or black ones..not sure what else though :/ and it's so soft.

Nice little knit top/tunic/whatever it is lol It was on sale for £7 *wags eyebrows* SCORE!

I'm a sucker for random scribbled on tees, this was right up my street. I'm thinking of using this to completely destroy the look of something more classy. God bless you H&M.

My second batwingy pick...i can't help it..batwings do something to me lol This is a cute little 'throw-over' for when it gets nippy. When I told hubby this, he stared at me blankly and said "but it has little holes all over is it gonna make a difference?" I told him he didn't know what he was talking about and that he didn't understand.

CUUUUUTE!! I nabbed it as soon as i saw it, picked out a nice large size so it looks extra drapey..which I don't think make much of a difference and i'm a chubster anyways but still, I like this type of cut and the drapier the better.
The ribbon work on the shoulder reminds me of algerian kaftans from back home. It was fashionable in the 90's to sew metallic ribbons into flowers and border designs all over the kaftan...and we wore these things indoors to do the housework! lol

I'm going back to primark this week for some of those 'jazz' pumps. Dunno the right word but they have really think soles and laces. I nearly bought a pair from H&M in black but primark have more colours and they're half the price so I didn't see the point.

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Jordan Angelica said...

Love your blog! Loving that H&M tee with the detail on the shoulders! X