Thursday, 1 April 2010

The last of my stuffs :]

So here's the last batch from yesterday, again, Thank you primani for having a sale and just being cheap in general :] *khaaaiii fiiiiive*

These are RIDONCULOUSLY comfy. They also had peach, baby blue, lemon and gold but they're all patent apart from the white and gold ones.

Gotta get the sockies :]

Another checked shirt/dress, was on sale for a fiver. Love the fit of this one.

I'm totally smitten with this cardigan! It's huge, dorky and seventies...very ugly-hot lol

This parka smacks it in so many ways. It's very flattering although this pic does it no justice :S It huge and poofy at the bottom which contrasts nicely with the cinched waist.

2 for a fiver :D just wish the second oneas a round neck...the pooch makes up for it though lol

£8 a pair and they are super flattering. Nuff said.

i'll try and post some outfit pics later. I tried earlier but I looked ridiculous lol it's a nightmare trying to get my phone on the right position and whener I did manage, the timer either went off too quick or not flippin quick enough!


Couturemee said...

Oohhh, those are soo pretty!! ;))

Anonymous said...

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