Sunday, 28 March 2010

Heloooo primark!

Hey all! Today was a long-ish but nice day :] went to oxford street with my mumzie (mum in law) because we're going away next week and she needed to buy some gifties for the grandchildren.
Stopped off at primark first *HAPPY FACE* I love primark lol we got some really cute outfits for the little ones and mum treated me too! She bought me a couple of tops and some PJ's (you can never go to primark and leave without some PJ''s morally incorrect).

I always buy long tops because as you know i'm a hijabi, need to keep the patooty covered lol I loved this grey checked one as soon as I saw it, i'm a sucker for light grey lol I've got some nice white skinnies and flats to go with it so i'm looking forward to breakin em out next week.

This black top was love at first sight! They have some really cute stuff with the peach/black colour scheme and I noticed they had a limited edition collection going on aswell. Lots of cute little peach skirts wrapped in black lace and bedazzled with sequins.

And here's the PJ bottoms! I broke with tradition today...hence I managed to walk past the fleecy slipper socks without squealing and grabbing the first pink pair I saw.

I also noticed primark have slowly slowly starting bumping up their prices. I'm not complaining, the stuff there is always gorgeous and cheap as chips, but i'm sure a couple of years back that grey top would have cost £8 tops instead of £11 lol

Anyhoo, after that we snooped around in debenhams and had a drink. I got a cloudy lemonade and ripped open a bag of caramel nibbles. True to my clumsy self, I managed to let the half full bottle slip out of my grip as we were leaving...all would have been well if it was plastic :/ yeh...shards of glass left right n centre and puddle of lemonade under the PAPER primark bags. Luckily none of it went through.

Now i'm back home, I need to go sort out some chicken to go with my macaroni cheese lol I'll probably post a a recipe for it aswell but get your spices and sauces at the ready cuse I use plenty of em ;]

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I love Caramel Nibbles !