Wednesday, 3 March 2010


The ever spontaneous Mr.G has rocked my socks for the trillionth time:D

In Debenhams, the new Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palettes had just been released. There's only 2000 of them being released in the UK so it's very limited.

The lady at the Alice in Wonderland stand was surrounded by these magical palettes trying to entice me and every other passing customer with them. She looked at me with the usual sale girl smile/bunny caught in headlights look and held out the palette for me to have a look.

I LOVE urban decay, and knew this palette was coming out and that they would probably all be gone within the next few hours, so there was no way I was stopping to get an eyeful and leave with a broken heart knowing I wasn't getting one. I told her ' shhyeaah...if I come anywhere near you, I WON'T be leaving love' and jumped onto the escalator.

I just blocked it out for the rest of the day and told hubby about it when I got home. After a few hours of watching comedy central and nibbling on snacks, hubby had to go out so he asked me to sign out of something he was using on the internet but was adamant that I should do it there and then in front of him. Unbeknownz to moi....the whole time I was nursing my 'broken heart', mister sweetypants had been searching the net high and low for the palette!! But initially to no avail as the only couple of places that stocked them had sold out.

So what does he do? Shells out £40 smackeroonies for one of the few palettes left on ebay!! Along with another pretty sum for a big bottle of my favourite perfume that I've always loved but never owned, Theirry Mugler's Angel. All my perfume had run out and for the last few months i've been using his! (Givenchy's Pi is a god send btw)

I'm very lucky to have my man. If I were to get into how much I love him and how much he means to me i'd be here all day. It's honestly not about how much he spends on me, I don't expect any of this from him and we don't ask much of eachother, but he does this to make me happy. If something will put a smile on my face, he'll do it. And he knows that it works both ways, i'd go to the ends of the earth for my man.

Girls, there ARE good guys out there, and if you find one that's serious about you, make it work. All couple have hard times, we've had enough to last us a lifetime. But we stick it out and the end result is always a good one.


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lizzie_fitz said...

hhiiiiiii, i love your blog :)!

hope you have a luuurvly weekend :)


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Sophia said...

Whats with the adverts lmao??
Anyway I HATEEE YOUUU! I went to get it and I had 20 smakeroonies in my purse, turned out i needed 4 more :(
Then I went again the next day and it was GONE :O