Friday, 26 February 2010

Shopping challenge...FAIL!!

I've had a random idea of timing how long it will take me to do the shopping, get home, unpack and clean the house and get my face on.

Usually takes me an hour for the shopping, i'm aiming for 30-40 mins lol. It's 2:27pm now, i'll leave in 15 mins, should be back by 3:30 and have everyting finished by 4-4:15pm.

I'm off.....damn...2:28...

And i'm baaack!! bang on 3:28pm!! it's 3:34 now because I had to sit down for a few arms ACHE like hell and I need a sugar boost (thank you creme egg twisted ;] )

Now i'm off to clean the house...gots 30 mins to do it in...back soooon

I FAILED!!!! I'm writing this at 5:47, I had finally finished by 4:45...30 mins too late dammit!

Although something has come out of this...I have the anatomic capabilities of the hulk. Here is my proof :

I managed to lug all this home without the aid of a granny trolley! It may not look that hevay to you but tell that to my poor shoulders/arms/fingers.

I was tempted to take the granny trolley but as Iceland usually deliver I thought sod it, there's no point. Big no no. There weren't any deliveries and carmen had to drag this all the way home stopping to readjust every 10 mins and catch my breath so as not to pass out in the middle of a zebra crossing.

I'm proud. Now I have ironing to do and an apple pie to bake at some point if I can be arsed, I'm trying a recipe off good food so i'll share it later and post some pics.

This was a random post but as everyone already knows about the cheryl cole saga and anything else of relevant interest, I couldn't find anything to blog about. I've lost all creativity and life pretty much revolves around food and knitting these days lol

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lipgloss_babe91 said...

OMG! thats a lotta food to carry, as a fellow cart horse I should know lol