Saturday, 20 February 2010

ELLO! Updates :D

Sooo people, I'm back..with not nothing too exciting to report lol but never the less, back :]
I had some time away to deal with personal stuff etc..soo..on with it

Exhibit A: Cupcakes!

I'm a sucker for them and love making them. These ones I made for hubby on V day. I'd bought some choccy hearts the week before and was looking for something to do with them, so whilst I hid some in his card and in his gift box, the rest were there just looking at me...then my belly had a conference with my brain...thus they came to a mutual decision that the hearts should decorate the chocolate cupcakes I planned on making later...TADA! lol i dropped a little too much colouring into the icing so I ended up with more of a pepto bismol pink rather han the slight blush I was aiming for, meh, hubby liked em and that's all that matters ;]

The next pic is a little selection. The pink iced ones are vanilla with pink lemon icing, the chocolate have plain vanilla icing and the mini cupcakes a double choc. I have loads of little bags of cake bows that bought back home last summer so I put em to use so my cupcakes wouldn't look so plain.

Exhibit B : YARN!

Bought these last month and cant bring myself to use them yet lol That flippin debbie bliss costs £4.20 per skein...and unless I was the person that scooped 56mil in the lottery, it wasn't happening. The ones I bought cost £2.90 each on sale at John lewis, still steep but I won't find it cheaper so it was an investment. They'll make a nice hat for hubby or Bella's twilight mittens fer meee :D It's soooooo sinfully soft.

Got some more circs, 7mm which i'm lovin and some 4mm DPN's. I still haven't grasped how to use themm without stuffin it up yet but soon come ;]

Exhibit C : SHEPHERD'S PIE!!

I could live off this stuff...nuff said. Okay maybe not nuff said...*squeals* wooohaa!!! I make mine with peas and sweetcorn and brown it under the grill with some cheese on top. I've been known to eat this for breakfast if there's any left over lol Yeah...i'm one of those weirdos that doesn;t get affected by the types of food I eat at certain times.

I could drink a red bull at 11:30 and still be in bed snoring my head off by midnite. My dad, bless him, always used to nag at me for drinking orange juice before bedtime, he didn't understand that it made no difference to

I'm not much of a breakfast person, unless there's coco pops, crunchy nut cornflakes or philadelphia, I don't do brekkie. i'll eat lunch instead....and then again when it's lunchtime :]

Im off to watch King of Queens, toodles, be back to bore the panteroos off yiz later ;]


lipgloss_babe91 said...

Darlin' you is one funny woman xD them cakes are callin' out to me =O

Wooldoor said...

yummmii sheppards pie...