Friday, 19 March 2010

Snob yarn :]

I'm officially a member of the posh yarn club...if ever there was one..? lol After much deliberation, i've bought my first two HANKS (yes that hanks...not balls or skeins) of Araucania Ranco multy. It's a wool/nylon blend, handpainted in chile and flippin boooootiful!

It looks tie dyed when you open it up. This has also been my first experience with hanks, not that it's anything special, it's actually a menace because you have to wind it into balls or cakes before you use it (took 3 hours for both) , otherwise it will end up a tangled mess and a waste of £15.

I'm not using this for any old project though...probably end up stashing it away until I find the perfect shawl or something for my mumzie. I love the look of hanks, just wish they weren't a pain in the arse when it comes to winding. It's also usually the expensive stuff that gets hanked...another thing that baffles me. If theres more risk of knotting it and probably having to either throw it away or cutting out the knots so many times you end up with 5 balls, why hank it???

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lizzie_fitz said...

nice wool/yarn :D awesome.. yay for knitting! i just found an AWESOME wool shop in the town im moving to...cant wwaaiitt to have money and go buy stuff :D