Saturday, 26 December 2009

Updates: spikito, pink lipstick and crochet gifties

Hello peoples...MERRY BELATED CRIMBO! Sorry I haven't posted that or anything for quite a while, i've just been....i couldn't be bothered :/ Not I couldn't be bothered to interact with you lovelies, I just haven't been that bothered in general. While spike was gone, i shifted into a severe state catpression, BUT HE'S BACK!! A few days before xmas we finally managed to grab him :D

He was playing the 'you can't catch me game' by crying his head off outside the balcony, begging for us to bring him home for whiskas and cuddles, but as soon as someone would go down to do that, he's piss off again :/ Finally my hubby concocted a plan of genius *wags eyebrows* He enticed spike out of his hiding place (a downstairs neighbours ratty sofa that's been festering away by the bins for only god knows how long) with a pouch of whiskas...with gravy ;] ohhh, we went there lol

once little spikito let his guard down and came out to nibble, hubby pounced and managed to get him into the car. Although when hubby was trying to get into the car himself, it was a struggle...spike did NOT like being in a car. Everytime the door opened he'd try to make a run for it lol my hubby looked like he was playing musical chairs with the doors but he finally managed to get in and drive back with my bundle of joy. Happy ending :D

what else, I've been busy hookin away on my christmas prezzies for family. I won't post my sisters, bro's, mum's or aunties because i know my sister will be reading this and she'll see EVERYTHING, so noooo luci...not happenin :]

But i'll show you what I made for my dad

Nice little neckwarmer to keep him toasty on his way to work. Scarfs are quite annoying and he hates the fiddly-ness of them so i thought this would be nice. Chunky with chunkier buttons lol I wanted wood buttons but couldn't get any in time so I went with grey....why do they look blue? pfft...

Ooo what else...FINALLY FOUND THE PERFECT PINK LIPSTICK! I told you about how crap the 17 hawaii pink was, i've been on the lookout for a similar shade ever since.

Day befre yesterday I went to the chemist for some vitamins and they had a rimmel stand. Because i was so impressed with lasting finish in frosted, I thought about getting another one..and then i found this :D

PINK CHAMPAGNE BEHBEH! I loove the colour, pays off goooood. It's much smoother than 17's and very versatile. If you use a light layer, it's looks like a nude pink. If you pile it on, it's a nice bright candy pink. But be careful how and what you wear it with, whether it be makeup or clothes. Go for the right look otherwise you'll end up looking like barbie's crackhead mother or something. Rimmel lie though...this is supposed to last for 8 hours, mine ended up on the back of my hand 20 mins after i applied it. (i had an itchy nose...don't ask) will post a swatch as soon as I find my fracken bluetooth thingy. forever losin shit.

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lipgloss_babe91 said...

Hay, I haven't commented in ages =O tut tut, been shopping, sleeping and watching tv xD its what Christmas is for, right? ... what's that you say about baby Jesus? =o lol
yay your kitthy is bk =] that pic of him is so cute =D and that prezzie for your dad looks like its a hell of a lot more likely to actually stay on your neck xD
Hope you had a great Christmas xXxXx