Wednesday, 16 December 2009

today is a black day :[

My cat spike has disappeared.

I never thought if myself as a crazy cat lady, but loveing hell i'm so depressed over it.

My hubby brought him home for me one day out of the blue, he was such a flea ridden little thing lol so cute, with pointy ears too big for his head.

He'd eat with me, sit with me, sleep with me and wake me up with licks until he grew up and went through his 'teeny' phase where all he could focus on was mena (our other cat) three litters later he's gone.

I don't know if he's been catnapped or what. It's so unlike him. One time he fell off the balcony (it's not so high...he wasn't hurt) and he hid in the front garden of the people that live below us until we went to get him.

This time he wasn't there, and we suspect that one of our neighbours has been hitting him because on a couple of occasions he came home so scared he wouldn't let anyone go near him. He just scoured the house for a safe place to hide, that lasted about two days.

If he doesn't come home by tomorrow morning, i'm thinking of kicking up a huge fuss and really want the police to uestion the neighbours that have been complaining about him but i don't know if they'll take me seriously.

advice please? anyone?


Wooldoor said...

Check the pound, vet and the whore who attacked him...
I would call the cops if my kitty went missing...


chlo-98 said...

Aw hunnie! This is really upsetting situation..
Although, cats go missing all the time to hunt etc.
Hun, he'll come home to his mumma i'm sure. when he does come back give him loads of treats! But u must have a go at that neighbour of urs if she's been abusing him - thats just pure evil of her. :(
mwah xxx

Style Bird said...

I'm so sorry about your cat, I hope you find him.

Wooldoor said...

attention people, the cat is now back, Carmen told me on msn