Saturday, 26 December 2009

Photography? me like de flowaaaaz!

I'm not a qualified/experienced photographer and don't actually own a camera. I take my pics with my pone lol The majority of the time they come out blurred/bad lighting etc BUT on a few occasions it's done me proud!

When i went on holiday this summer, I got carried away taking pictures of flowers and landscapes. These are my favourite flower photos from the bunch. They were growing in my hubby's cousin's (cuzzie-in-law?) garden and i thought they were possible the most prettyful flowers i've ever seen. I don't what they're called, but i'm happy with what my little nokia n95i managed to do with them :]

I'm thinking of getting them turned into canvases, yay/nay?

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chlo-98 said...

aw they are beautiful hunnie! they would look fab on canvases! go for it!