Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I'm sitting on my sofa at 7:20am surrounded by knitting needles, 2 remote controls, a roll of loo paper that's nearing the end of it's life, about 294 raggedy balls of used tissue, a fleece, a ciggie box with 2 fags, about 6 feral lighters and a bag of cadburys clusters....and i have the sniffles MAJOR.

I've been whimpering since i got out of bed at 1 am :/ Fell asleep at 6pm last night after two and a half men and rolled out of bed at 1 with nothing on my mind except for sandwich and a glass of coke. Since then it's been pretty much *sniff sniff*, "ouch my nose hurts", "could you pass the vaseline?".

I tried to go back to sleep around 5ish but my nose wasn't having any of it >:/

I despise of colds. This one especially...this is the first time olbas oil has been of no use to me. Why don't they make those special kleenex tissues anymore? the ones with a layer of vaseline on them so your nose doesn't resemble rudolph's?

I need sleep. I need hot tea. Baaaaaaah!!!

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....Lucinda.... said...

Welcome 2 my world hunny, genes eh? :] ilyilyilyily xox