Friday, 5 June 2009

Pocket money makeup buys :]

I'm sure readers have gathered i'm quite the makeup enthusiast lol so when I went shopping yesterday it was inevitable i'd stock up. I initially intended on buying a couple of brushes, MAC pigments and the MAC paint pot base but decided to stop off at primark first (as you do ;] ) to get me some sockies and that's when I saw those babies ^^^ :D Gorgeous little pots of cheap knock off pigment which I have christened my dazzle pots (eyeshadow dust didn't sound glamorous enough...bleh) They're obviously notwhere near as pro as the MAC ones but they blend nicely and if you have a good base all the better. You get two in a pack for a poxy £1 which is hot value compared to the MAC pigment at £14 although with the latter you get a much bigger pot and better quality. Still, they make a good little collection lol
I decided I wouldn't buy too much MAC and stuck with just the Paint pot base and stocked up on more cheapo eyeshadows for the time being. What's annoying though, is that nowhere seemed to have any half decent matte eyeshadows so I ended up going with the brown revlon one as my last dark brown ended broken and splattered on my bathroom floor ;{ The very top one is from primark and cost a qud, the rest I picked up from superdrugs. I was kicking myself though after I'd paid almost fiver for the lashes, I saw the exact same pair by NYC for £1.25 or £1.95 on the way out lol The brushes are good too and I also noticed that Elite as in Elite model management have their own makeup range which i'll probe next time I visit good old superdrugs. The total cost of everything in the pictures was between £25-30 which isn't so bad considering the MAC paint pot cost probably more than the eyeshadows put together but it'll last me a while and if you're looking for good makeup but you're on a budget i'd defininetely recommend the primark dazzle pots...just be subtle as they're quite shimmery lol

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lipgloss_babe91 said...

:O ill be gettin meself down to primark i have a couple of these shimmer pot things atm but you can neva have enoff xD x