Thursday, 4 June 2009

Quite Attractive

Ok, so I was well happy with myself after I deleted all my Inbox and Sent mail items, (I aint gonna clean Updates again! Ever! Over 400 pages! OMG)! Well anyway! I decided to go find a picture of Hannah Montana eniterly photoshopped from a scratch of the PS canvas! Well, I found a better picture! Stuff Hannah Montana when you can have someone that looks like my role model; Amy Winehouse after she wanted to immitate Britney Spears! Well... he he! Look at this!

No... I rethought who it looks like! Search up MAD tv Desperate Housewives and you will see! Haha! Carmen, you are genious! Anyway, I think the picture is beautiful and how could it be ugly!
- please dont give me nasty comments if I am dis respecting something or someone! I dont know shoes about who this is so think before you comment! -


AC Viper said...

attractive indeed! thats why i use this pic as my avatar in many discussion boards, and as a profile pic on facebook. my friends say i look alot like her! :D

Mrs_Gomes said...