Friday, 12 June 2009

Ola peeps :D Just a quick note... say oi oi saveloys :P sorry I haven't posted in a while, i've just been a tad tired and preoccupied with the 'real' world lol But yesterday was my hubby and I's 3rd anniversary :D woooo!

He got me a load of Urban Decay eyeshadows that I reaaalllyy wanted, I don't know what all you ladies think of men but mine is the shit lol he's perfect *gush gush*
He never brushes aside my girly addictions, on the contrary he fuels them even more! lol eg. I got back into designing and sewing and my hubby surprised me with a sewing machine :D
I'm slowly trying to drop a few pounds through pilates *wink wink angelfairy lol*...he got me a pilates power gym lol i'm a very lucky girl and extremely grateful for my husband and i suppose I just wanted to yelp about it with glee on here and share some of my happiness with you :]

here's a pic of my new babies...

If u live in the UK you can buy them here and here
Anyhoo, i'm feeling a bit sleepy so I'm gonan hit the hay and harrass you all tomorrow with a post overload :P

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