Saturday, 12 March 2011

REVIEW : Rimmel exaggerate lip liner definer

Seriously need to get a good concealer for those ghastly edges :S

First off, no I haven't been paid to do this review nor was I sent the product . I bought it myself and this is my true honest opnion :] I really need to look up professional sounding disclaimers lol

Let us get onto the specs...

Name : Rimmel exaggerate full colour lip liner definer
Weight : 0.25g - 0.008oz
Born in : Germany..?? Nothing london about that :/
Colour : 024 - Red Diva
Price : £3.99

Rimmel says : "Exaggerate Lip Liner is a soft textured, fine tipped automatic liner that gives full volume colour definition to the lips.'

Personally I am someone that needs lip liner. I don't have lipstick-without-liner friendly lips. My top lip is quite curvey, almost like the top part of a heart whereas my bottom lip is fat and wider than my top one :/ I can get away with a nude lip minus the liner but red? Nah lol

Anyway..onto the good stuff!

What does it look like?

Slanted tip for definition

Full amount of product inside the tube

How does it perform?

It's no different than using a pencil lip liner. It's just as easy to work with and the slanted tip is pretty comfortable if that makes any sense lol It's a lot more precise in my opinion as you can just lay the pencil flat against your lips and trace with around them with precision.
Also, I didn't wash of the swatches of the liner and lippy and at the end of the day throughout all the dish washing, showering and hand washing in between, the colour was still there! Off course it had faded but it was still visible whereas the lipstick was gone.

What does it feel like?

It has a very creamy consistency during application but once it's on your smackers it starts to dry a little. It's not the nasty uncomfortable kind of dry but it isn't moist enough to rub your lips together like you would with a liptick. I think this is an advantage though because you don't want slippery on top of slippery if your planning to use a lippy with this product. If you wanted to wear this alone I'd suggest a good lip gloss, otherwise forget it.

Can I see what it looks like in action?

swatched against MUA lipstick in shade 08

Without lip liner...scary lol

With Rimmel exaggerate lip liner, MUA lipstick in shade 08 and a red colourworks lip gloss


Very pigmented.
Smooth and precise appication.
Nice and soft on the lips as opposed to some pencils that you drag across your lips to get some colour going on.
Long lasting.


Less product than a pencil liner.
As with all automatic pencils, it's very easy to break so don't wind it up little at a time.
The colour swatch on the official site and Boots' site is nowhere near what it looks like in real life. Very misleading :/
Not suitable for use on it's own unless you don't mind drying lip products.

In a nutshell?

If I had to describe this product in one word - LOVE. I love this, I was actually quite worried i'd hate it as I usually avoid automatic lip/eyeliners. I think they're a rip off because you don't get as much product as you would with a pencil version. The only reason I was attracted to this, is because of the slanted tip.I thought after one use it would lose it's shape but surprisingly it hasn't. I put it down to the tube surrounding it as it's also slanted.

Also, mine come in a red tube but I think they've repackaged it as the one in boots is black.
I'd suggest you see this product in person though before you order online as the swatch difference is ridiculous...have a look-see

Swatch from Boots ^
See what I mean?

Despite there being more cons than pros (although most aren't about the quality of the product itself), I'd still buy this again. I loved the colour, I loved that it isn't too moist so it keeps my lippy in place and I loved the slanted tip much to my surprise. It was worth the £3.99 though and I'll definitely buy again! Hope you liked the review girls :]


Jo Woods said...

wow, looks gorgeous on you, you have great lips. Wish I would wear red.

Great Review :) xxx

Rohima said...

If I was a lipstick wearing person I'd definately be interested lol your lips are gorgeous btw x

** said...

I like the Rimmel exaggerate liner I got mine in a pinky colour called 'EAST END SNOB' and on fragrance they are like £1 not sure what shades they have or if they still have them but you should check the site out for drugstore brands its so cheap (and no im not affiliated with them or I don't work for them LOL although they should give me a cut I rave about them that much hahaha)

Vikki xoxo

Cerina said...

That's really cool! I've honestly never seen anything like's like a cross between a lip liner and lipstick!:D

Elizabeth said...

great post l need to get some red liner

Anonymous said...

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