Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Products used

Papaya from sleek good girl palette
Yellow from sleek circus palette
Purple from sleek original palette
Matte black from sleek circus palette
matte light/medium brown from sleek storm palette (they really should give all their shadows proper names :/ )
Urban decay vapour
white from random ELF qaud
Barry M Kohl eyeliner in black
Rimmel exaggerate liquid eyeliner (EFFIN WOW, blows sleek's dip it right out the water)
Noir from sleek bad girl palette for brows
Rimmel bold curves mascara

Hola byooteefull girls, sorry I've been slacking on replies and requests (especially u eliza!), I've just been in 'business brain mode' for a bit...still am lol

I've been knitting up a wee little storm the past few days, trying to make my mind up over which packaging and labels I want, chopping and changing ideas in my head etc GAAAH! I'm such a control freak with this kind of thing, I want to have the right look for everything, something I won't get bored with after a few weeks and change again so it's been hard and annoying to finally settle on something :/ still haven't lol

I also have a few things to review winging their way to me via airmail so hopefully they should arrive next week, super excited!

Anyhoo, hope you like my little eyeballs of ze day, I needed some colour in my life lol big hugs to all of you! xxx


Ivonne said...

That is amazing! You are so talented girl!


Keri said...

This is amazing!
You are indeed very talented :)
K xo

♥ Stacey's Beauty Blog ♥ said...

Looking good schweetheart! I was admiring the Sleek dip it today in Superdrug, didn't buy it though. I'm finally getting better at me flicks! xx

MissBrittanyBoo said...

Gorgeous! Your liner is perfection! Love it!

La Cabrona said...

omg that is so beautiful i wish i wasn't so make-up handicap!

Malisha said...

Gorgeous look, love it!

I wish my eyeliner came out as good as yours!
Please do a tutorial.. Pweeeeety please?! With chocolate fudge brownie on top ; )

Malisha x

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!! Please fly to Canada and do my makeup :) xx
Honestly, this eye is all kinds of awesome.
Haven't heard from you in awhile :( Pop by and say hi when you have a chance.

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Girl your EOTD's are always on point,love it.

CarmenSays said...


Thanks m'darlin! how have you been? hugs! xxx


thank you babe! xx


After having used rimmel's exaggerate, I don't know if i'll ever go back to dip it! It dries so much better, dip it tends to look dry and crackly :/ ooo show us then! xxx


thanks hunni :] xx

@La Cabrona

LMFAO! I miss you man! what you up to, u little chola lol xxx


I almost pissed myself when I saw the fudge brownie bit lol I'll defo do one for you babe, how's you and the little ones? hope you're good! huge hugs xxx


Aww thank you!! That was so sweet! Haha I'd love to go to canada, i've always wanted to go...looks beautiful, lucky you who gets to live there lol hope you're good babe, hugs! xxx

@Hell notes for beauty

hellooooo you! Thanks babe, i'm so lad you like them :] how u been?

Kim's Vanity said...

I love your eyeliner .. Try as I might, I can never make a clean eyeliner swoop like yours ... it takes skill!

Peach Crush said...

love your eyes im your new follower do check out my blog and follow if you like :)