Saturday, 19 March 2011


So I finally set up shop on etsy and folksy lol I've only opened my 'supplies' shop so far, just little bits and bobs for 'craftinistas' lol And I found out like an hour ago that I got my first sale! YAY!

Everything is handmade unless otherwise stated and i'm still in the process of making more items to add to the shop. Vintage buttons also on the way :) And I should be getting the rest of my packaging supplies and company logo stamp by the end of next week, super excited!

Anyhoo, just wanted to share!


Kenzie said...

Lovely stuff girl!
I am in the middle of setting up an Etsy account as well =) It sure is a long process, especially figuring out shipping prices ugh.

I wish you the best! Selling supplies is such a great idea.

** said...

congrats hun! thats great I will have to go check them out xx

♥ Stacey's Beauty Blog ♥ said...

Congrats hun, I wish you lost of success and loadsa money! lol xx