Friday, 4 February 2011

Stylish blogger award :] now you all get it!!

I was awarded this by nadz, my shmexxeh lubz bug lol Fank yooh dawlin'! (thats a lot of cutesy web talk eh)

Ze rules as usual are to write 7 things about yourself and to pass the award onto 15 people EVERYONE! My facts will be about my appearance, i'm never going to post a picture of myself on here but there's no harm in description!

1. I'm the same height as khloe kardashian, 5"9. She may look like a giant but it's the other two that are midgets!

2. I hate my hands. There is nothing at all elegant about them! They're typical old skool wife hands...battered and chubby.

3. I have small-ish feet. I'm a 5 1/2 in trainers and a 6 in shoes which is acually pretty average, but because i'm tall and big, they look quite small.

4. I have tiny nose! It's small and looks pointy from the side and piggy-ish from the front lol

5. I have a big head...I shit you not. This may sound like an excuse for being a fatty but I honest to god am big boned...honestly.

6.I have loads of little 'beauty spots' on my face. My fave is the one at the corner of my mouth, very hollywood glamaaa.

7. I'm a plus sized gal *wootwoot* you knew this already though. I remember when nada saw me on msn she thought I was slim and was a bit shocked when I told her I was a size 18 lol. All depends on how you hold your camera baybay...lift, tilt *flash* hot. Drop a dress size in 2 seconds *winkwink*

I pass this onto...hmmm...

I realise i've changed the rules but I honestly want everyone that takes time out of their day to come my little land of blabber to have this award, you're all stylish mummaz!

seriously...take this award!


Arabian eyes said...

i don't care what u say u aint a fatty bombatty no matter how much u say u are in my eyes ur a skinny minnie lol its not possible I have been priveledged to see u myself!!! only i know the truth

CarmenSays said...


haha! fatty bombatty xD as long as i'm hot in your eyes, 'tis all that matters lol I know sabina's dying to see what I look like bless her xx