Saturday, 5 February 2011


you have no idea how long it took to rack down that ^ flippin song. I forgot his name, the songs name...I googled everything from khaliji pied piper music video to scouring the best arabic songs of 2005/2006. Then I remembered melody hits and searched for singers in the gulf..success!

SHERIHAN!! OMG my auntie taped this for me and everytime I went back for the holidays me and my cousin would watch, copy the moves everything! Can't belive I found this on youtube. I dreamed of owning her dresses lol

everyone knows that one ^ classic. note to cheb mami..get your shoulder checked out. I'm sure it's not supposed to twitch like that...for shame, for shame.

something about her face in this vid reminds me of kim

God there's so many more, I have to split this into tow posts. But for now, grab a scarf, wrap it round yer bum and do a shakira!


QueenRani said...

haha, Nawal does favor Kim in that video..Great songs!

a few of my all time favorite songs are Enta Eih (nancy ajram) Ala baly (sherine) and Habibi ya einy (maya yazbek) and recently I've been loving Fi Hagat by Nancy. I love the Mani Mani song...I think Im gonna be hooked lol!

rakhshanda said...

Great songs!! thanks for sharing:)