Friday, 25 February 2011

Overhaulin : Ze spice cupboard

Our spice cupboard was a disaster. Everything was in various different glass jars and even though i'd give it the odd clean out every now again, It just drove me mad because it wasn't 'even' enough. Plus, the tally of how many times i'd escaped certain death by falling jar of curry powder was getting out of hand :/

If a cupboard is going to be full, I like it to be as simple and size co-ordinated as possible. I spotted these take-away/storage pots when I was shopping earlier and at £1.49 for five, they were a flippin steal. I'd been looking for some cheap but to my taste kitchen cupboard storage te last couple of weeks so these were a God send.

Before : Waaaay too much clutter. Danger zone.

After: Aaaaaaaah. Much better :] Lost my sticky label tags so I had to chop up some post-its lol

Feels SO much better now! I dont weep whenever I open this cupboard anymore xD


Sofia. said...

Hahaa! My spice cupboards would never be this organised! All the spices are chucked into 1 box and forgotten about until needed... :D
Love your blog xxx

....Lucinda.... said...

Hhaaa, i'm her sis.. I was there when she did it :/ I feel so pround about that.. why? LOL
ilsm sis!

Cerina said...

Haha Carmen you're so cute! I need to seriously organize my pantry.

CarmenSays said...


hey babe! See that was the case in my before pic but it was a danger zone lol since I sorted it out I have a pleasant surprise whenever I open the cupboard because I keep forgetting it's different now lol Got too used to that bastad clutter :/ xxx

@ sissyyyy

hola litle munchkin face! Haha u nutter and u spelt proud wrong :/ I MIGHT go c u 2moro, MIGHT lol mwah xxxx


lol! I am?! Do it, it's so liberating haha xxx

Robyn said...

Mmmmm, Magi!

....Lucinda.... said...

Ohh yeeaahh.. i did that by accident lol, course i know how to spell proud. See? Just did it ;P lol ..
Well u didn't :( hahaa, maybe on ze weekend :) ily xx