Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hola mi lovelitas

Coooeeee :] How you all been? I'm on the meh side of things lol not the sad/can't be arsed side of meh...just the usual meh.

Zis weekend I went to my mum n dad's. Dad was at work all night (he works hard bless him) so I spent the evening with my munchkins (bro n sis) and my mum. It was nice, we laughed liked mad, told stories and watched my brother do the cinammon challenge. L.O.L...I dunno what possessed him but I know i'm never doing it!

I've also been listening to Adele's album non stop since I got it last week. I honestly can't fault it, I love every song especially her cover of The Cure's Lovesong. It's AMAZING, god I love it. Usually covers never live up the original but the way she did it (bossa nova stylee) all slow, sensual and emotional..perfection.

Ummm what else...Makeup just ain't been workin for me! It's so annoying when nothing comes out how you envisioned it, which reminds me I need to wash my brushes. I really wanna do a couple of adele looks, her brits makeup was fracken amazing and I saw another great look on google (yeh...I excessively google everything i'm into, recently it's been adele's makeup and clothes. Lovin the whole 50's look she's been doin recently.).

Hmmm...Not sure what to talk about now lol been knitting heart shaped dishcloths...just because :] And also seen a BUNCH of cool Doctor Who knitting patterns that my brother and Roro will surely have a fit over lol

I have a headache *boooo* so I'm gonna keep myself occupied and get some sleep as the munchkins are coming over tomorrow which = watching fillums, eating yummy junky stuff and crack of dawn cleaning. Bleh to that last one.



♥ Stacey's Beauty Blog ♥ said...

Heeeey! Where you been? I'm buying Adele this weekend, her Brits performance was amazing! Yay to the junkfood! Enjoy your cleaning, do you have a Mr Muscle to give you a hand? lol xx

Rohima said...

Oh my GOD! Doctor Who, Knitting, The Cute, Adele and Adele’s make up at the Brits all in one post! Lol

Damn right, I had a fit when you mentioned Doctor Who then another when you mentioned I will have a fit lol I’ve googled it and I’m determined I will knit something Doctor Who related!!! Your bro's a Doctor Who fan? FINALLY another human being of TASTE! lol

I do love Adele’s cover, very smooth, everything you described it to be.. but The Cure’s version is all pop-y and jumpy which I love lol do the make up look, i loved it x

Hope you had a good day with your munchkins today :)

Hey? Welcome back lol if you're not sure what to post about you can do the brits make up look, show us your dishcloths or recreate Robert Smith's make up look from the video above haha :-) xxx

Rohima said...

The CURE not the Cute! Definately not the cute...

CarmenSays said...


helloooo gorgeous! I've been hibernating indoors lol depressed since I gave my cats to the RSPCA to be rehomed :[ bastard neighbours. Haha if you mean the hubby, bless him he helps sometimes and if you're talkin about the cleaning stuff...I haz plenteh lol there is never a shortage of cleaning products in our house :D mwahz xxx


haha! On a roll baybeee xD can u knit?! omg if you do I swear i'm taking u hostage for knitting parties round mine. I've actaully never heard of a knitting party but that's given me a thought *ponders...if I had a beard i'd stroke it*

My brother is OBSESSED with doctor who, if he's away during xmas hols my dad HAS to tape the episodes he's missing plus the all improtant crimbo ep. I liked doctor who when I was 5...fell out of love with is i s'pose lol

I had loads of fun with the munchkins, me and ze sis made cuppycakes, gorged on meatball pizza and chips and poked fun at the way my brother sigs when he talks lol

I'm so doin her brits look, I loved it so much, just don't know if I have the right colours. BOO! Oooo robert smith's slap...tempting. haha, huge hugs woman!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rohima said...

Hahaha if ONLY I could knit! I'm useless! I tried and I managed 4 or 5 of those knotty things and I gave up but that was years ago. No - I am actually planning to start from scratch and finish something over the next few months. Is that possible or do you need years of practice? I dont know lol

You should get your bro to go to the Doctor Who experience in London. Its so cool, yeah its aimed for kids but it looks really cool and you can see the daleks and the Pandorica and some of the sets and the old Tardis as well!!! I'm so going !!!!

Whats a 'my brother sigs'? hahahah :s

Don't matter if you don't have the exact colours, just improvise - You of all people should be good with that lol, do a little bronze and little gold and some black and youre done :) xxxxxxxxxxx get something posted, I miss seeing CarmenSays flood my Dashboard lol its gone too quiet x

CarmenSays said...

@ rolo - i'd give you my last one if you give me yours haha. perdona me, i talk utter breeze at 3am :/

I'll show you how to knit! i'll make a little viddy and put it up tomorrow :] and you could totally make something and finish it before 3 months time! You could finish it in the same day provided it's a small project and you've had a few hours practice with the knit/purl stitches.

I do declare! I was thinking about going to the british homeshow but now you've sidetracked me with your damn doctor who! This doctor who it annual? *runs off to google* OMG! He's probably been already, it's so close to home! defo telling him about that, thank yooooh!

aahh, my bad lol i meant to say he sings! he has this habit of singng the last one when he speaks, you know how when americans ask a question they kinds sing the last word? yeh, that's what he does lol he's gonna kill me if he sees this. I already owe him one for dragging him around oxford street whilst me and my sister girly shopped :/ he shall not be amused lol

sod it! i'm doin it! and the time shall come again when there is nothing in your dashboard but 'carmensays' muahahaha! aaaaah I've been playing cake mania 3, youda suhsi chef and home sweet home like a crack fiend lol btw, do you have msn or any other way we could natter?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ooooooooooooooooooo

CarmenSays said...

the last WORD not the last one lol he sings the last word xx

Rohima said...

ROLO??? Hhahaha damn I'm hungry now lol

You should go along with him you know... I cant WAIT, i hope I can take pictures I want one with a dalek but I think I'd actually physically scream if I get too close lol

Youre still alive so I'm guessing your bro was ok lol i've noticed the increase in ur post numbers lol well done well done x

i dont use msn very often at all but you can add me and I'll def be signing in now! (not planning to post my personal one FOR ALL TO SEE!) LOL xxx :)