Sunday, 13 February 2011

Meh...cuppycakes :/

Boooo! This was not what I had envision in my brainicle *hmmph* Nevertheless, they ain't that bad. I loved the cupcake batter recipe, they rose beautifully...which leads me to believe i've been wasting my blimmin' time with that stork for cakes margarine/butter crap. Real butter all the way!

However the chocolate buttercream was a disaster :/ Too thick, looked like poop when piped and I used cheapo co-operative dark chocolate which has THE vilest aftertaste *bleh* I don't do dark chocolate as it is although I've used in baking etc plenty of times, yet never had I tasted something as disgusting as co-op own brand dark chocolate :/ in the words of consuela from family No. No. No.

Consuela is a legend in our household...OMG my cat just parped! Sorry so off topic but i'm in hysterics, totally took me by surprise :O that was a man fart!!

So, back on topic. I tried 3 methods with the buttercream, I piped it through a big round tube...looked like the 'gifts' my cats sometimes leave when I forget to let them out. God that stinks. Sorry, it's hard to concentrate with the kitty parp wafting in my direction!

Method two was the palette knife approach. Meh. Looked naff. Last but not least method 3 was to plaster it on like polyfilla, not elegant but it does the trick. Thankfully the taste of the cupcake and the strawberry (omg you haven't lived until you've had strawberries dipped in milkybar!) helped disguise that rancid buttercream so all was not lost. El husbando just polished off 3 lol Also, the paper cases we're trying to run away so I took em off.

And here is Le wreckage lol aaahh i'm so battered, can't wait to sleep!


Rohima said...

LOL our kitchens look the same. Especially now that yours looks like a bomb site. That's what it looks like after I'm done.. Leave it a few hours to work my strength up then tidy tidy

Btw I know you had probs with the icing but it doesn't look bad at all. They look very rich and chocolatey and the strawberries - they look seriously good.

Maybe you should suggest your husband takes a break from black ops and help you clean hahahaha hey, you did do the hard work!

Hah. Gosh I feel cheeky now

Ms. Nik said...

OMG those look to die for..yumm :)

silvia Navarro said...

cute post!!
love this style

♥ Stacey ♥ said...

Oooh I like 'em! Well done you hun, I love baking too but by the end don't actually want to eat the cake i made! Yeah my kitchen looks like that after too! lol xx

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Don';t matter I would eat all of them in a heart beat.

The Beautifier said...

These look so yummmmm!