Friday, 17 December 2010

Teeny 17 haul

I only bought the lipglosses for the free eyeshadow palette lol I used this in my last eotd, love it! Great pigmentation when I swatched (no swatch pics, sowweh) only problem is the sparkly greyish taupe colour above the coppery's a sham. It's not like that, it's very dark and blackish under the taupe colour. I really hate it when companies do that! They put a thin film of a gorgeous colour over a pretty basic colour...false advertising!

The lipgloss i'm wearing is the brown one, forgot the name but j'adore all the same. I love light browns in all forms, lippies, liners, glosses..let me at em! The other colour is peach melba...meh. It's alright...came out different to what I expected but not too bad.

Sorry if my grammar is a bit on the basic side, i'm trying to rush this as I have need to wake el husbando up from his nap lol we're like an old couple already haha

I have a couple of hubby stories to share too, I think it's gonna be a regular thing, he does too much funny shit to not mention. I think i'll call those little segments the hubby chronicles...the hubby skits? not sure, opinions welcome!


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

OMG I am in love!! Why don't we have that here? Definitely jealous :) said...

im loving the packaging! and also the rose imprint on the eyeshadows, looks very classy