Friday, 17 December 2010

El Husbando chronicles Part 1 - I challenge you to a duel!

EH - challenge you to a duel!
ME - *Puts down knitting, Turns around to see el husbando pull a sock out from behind his back..looks at him bemused*
EH - *Slaps me across the face with said sock*
ME - Owwwww! *giggles through streaming tears* you fecker, you got me in the eye!
EH - Oh shit! sorry sorry sorry!
ME - *still giggling my arse off* it's cool buttmunch...oh wait...can't open my eye...
EH - Gimme your face! *holds my eye open and blows away...looks very guilty*'s your turn now. *hands me demon sock, tenses up, squints and waits for the blow*
ME - Aww no buttmunch, I can''ll hurt!
EH - Nah nah, just hit me with the sock!
ME - *Slaps el husbando across face with sock, aiming for the eyeball*
EH - Nah, you ain't doin it right...just hit woman! *laughs*
ME - *after numerous attempts, I finally twat him one in the left eye*
EH - oww ahhh, got me *squintsquint, rubs eye*

Cue monstrous laughing from both parties, end scene.


Ivonne said...

LOL! you crack me up!!! Thanks for the laugh :)

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Anything involving a sock is bound to be hilarious.

esteeem said...

Loooool sounds like the similar sort of mentalist behaviour in the frootibeauty household.. Love a bit of competition!!

We both had work today and when we got back home cue snow fight. I got hammered (although I did put up a fight!) but I got him unawares when we went to my cousins.. 1 up to Mrs frootibeauty.. Oh yea!! ;)

Sophia said...

Love this- This made my day!
Keep the El Husbano Chronicles rolling in!